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Selecting a True Icelandic.

TAMANGUR prides itself to offer Icelandics that combine the exact traits that caught all our attention & spurred our fantasies about these charismatic horses: Good gaits combined with breed-typical spirit, intelligence & a cooperative temperament. These little horses are incredibly adaptable, quick & independent & impress with their will, stamina & hardiness.

We carefully select our import candidates with these traits in mind & aim to offer a variety of options. Some horses are an excellent match for a new rider, others might tickle the interest of a discerning rider, looking for more training, awareness & sensitivity. We want to offer the highest quality within every category & then find the best match for every of our hand-selected animals. If you are looking for something specific, we will look all over Iceland to find the ideal candidate for you. We will help you find YOUR best Icelandic horse.



In the search of these horses, we travel to Iceland several times a year where, through our strong ties with Guðmar Þór Pétursson & Hestaland, we have the chance to ride many different horses several times before they are added to our selection.

When considering our import horses, we evaluate their qualities, training, temperament, potential & possible weaknesses to create a full picture. This will help us match these horses to their ideal home. Every buyer is different & looking for a unique set of traits – but so are the horses.

From the horses’ first test rides in Iceland to good maintenance & possibly training at Hestaland, to export procedures, flight, import & shipment within the States, we offer the full range of services. We will also walk you step by step through the process of easing your new family member into their new home & advise on ways to help with their continued adjustment.


While we strive to bring the horses to Colorado first, getting them settled in & getting to know them even better before finding them a home, we are happy to match them with owners who would like to have their horses join them without a detour at our barn.

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