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about tamangur



TAMANGUR is one of the biggest full-service Icelandic horse barns in the United States. It is easily accessible & beautifully located in the scenic terrain of bluffs & wide-open spaces between Denver & Colorado Springs. The barn is owned & managed by Coralie Denmeade, one of the few certified Icelandic horse trainers in the country.

TAMANGUR offers training, sales, import, riding instruction, boarding, travel & education with strong ties to Iceland. The trainers – Coralie & her assistant Sami Browneller – have decades of experience & education in several disciplines with focus on Icelandic riding & endurance as well as young horse training & gait training. They possess extensive knowledge in horse welfare & care and compete nationally & internationally.


The spacious facility is situated on 120 acres near the foothills of Colorado. It offers stalls & paddocks, two full-sized indoor arenas, an outdoor arena, track, big pastures as well as access to trails, both on & off property.


TAMANGUR has been operating in Colorado since 2008. In 2018, it moved to its current location & is fortunate to now own this ideal home for all things Icelandic. Its operations & services are closely connected to its partner Hestaland in Iceland.

The Name.

TAMANGUR is named after a forest in a secluded mountain valley in Switzerland, Coralie’s native country. This pure stone-pine forest is the highest & largest in Europe. It has a deep meaning for the local population & is believed to be inhabited by nature spirits similar to the ones of Iceland. These spirits, the Icelandic sounding name & its Swiss origin is why TAMANGUR seemed to be the perfect name for our business.

The Team.

At TAMANGUR, it is our commitment to make your experience & the horses' life the best possible. These are the dedicated people that make it happen.

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