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All About the Horse.

We want what’s best for our horses, for them to be able to BE horses. We want them to feel & look good, be comfortable in their herds, be easy to handle on the ground & thrive under saddle. We believe that their general well-being, confidence, attitude & understanding of the human world directly translates to their accomplishments when ridden. It is all connected. A trusting, relaxed horse will face its environment, new situations, training & challenges with a different mindset & physical preparedness.

That’s why our training involves just as much mental preparation for their task as our riding companions as it consists of training of cues & techniques. From young horses to trail blazers all the way to our more experienced show horses, we try to balance these two facets. Our goal is to have well-rounded horses that are ready for a multitude of tasks & fun to ride. We want to develop the best possible version of each horse depending on their temperament, talent, education & experience.


Only if the mental & technical foundation is solid, can the more specialized education truly take root & flourish. For clean, balanced & flowing gaits under saddle, our horses need to understand basic cue combinations, know a minimum of dressage & be in a frame of mind where they can offer their full natural abilities. After all, we are proud that a beautiful tolt is a natural gait to our Icelandic horses.

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