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Event Schedule.


We aim to offer a wide variety of events - come learn, compete, play, ride & travel with us. Events will be added continuously, so check back for updates. 

Contact us for more information & learn more about our Education opportunities. If you are looking for a highly individualized & custom-fit experience, check out our Shadow Days.



> Saturday, Feb. 10 - 11:30-1:30

The Riding Body – Part  #2
Posture in Motion

Our January session focused on our posture & body awareness in everyday life. This time, we will put this correct posture in motion & work on exercises off the horse that strengthen, condition & prepare specifically for horseback riding. This session will also build muscle memory & heighten body control for movements needed in the saddle.

> May 4-6

Spring Clinic

Gudmar, our coach from Iceland, is flying in for a weekend of lessons. All lesson spots are taken, but there is still the opportunity to learn by auditing. $ 50/day.

> May 20-27

Triple World Ranking Show @ Lettleiki in KY

Travel with us to Kentucky to participate in the World Ranking Event at Lettleiki Icelandic horses in Eminence KY. We provide horse transport, care, training & coaching for our students to participate in one of the biggest shows in the country. Contact us for more information & pricing.

> July 25-August 1

Tamangur Trek (FULL)

The best week of the year! Tamangur goes to Hestaland in Iceland every summer. This adventure gets reinvented every year with new challenging routes & exciting surprises. The quality of the trek stays the same: 60+ horses, top riding horses, a landscape that touches your soul, excellent food & a good group of people. You will never be or ride the same.

Contact us for more information or other opportunities to visit Iceland.

> September 18-22

Tamangur Icelandic Fall Event - TIFE 2024

TIFE is our big event every year. 2024 won't be any different. Learn & ride with two top clinicians on September 18-20 in semi-private lessons. And enjoy the 2-day sanctioned show as either a participant or spectator on the weekend. We promise a top learning experience, lots of horses, good food, fine people & above all, a fun time. 

More information to follow, but make sure to get onto the waiting list. Spots go quickly.

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