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The Complete Picture.

We believe in a thorough assessment of our horses. We take this responsibility seriously & put high value in our experience, integrity & honesty. Our goal is to provide potential buyers with a full & sincere picture of the horses we have available.

In order to match the horses to future homes, we also strive to get a detailed impression of the riding abilities, circumstances & support system of their new owners. Help us do the best job possible by providing us with as much pertinent information about yourself & as true of an estimate of your skills as possible.


Lastly, every match depends on putting in the work to establish an effective partnership. This can take time, will require effort & the new owner’s willingness to maintain the horse’s qualities. We are happy to assist you in this process or help you come up with a plan or the contacts to ensure the best outcome of this endeavor. After all, we are dealing with matching two living individuals, both with the ability to change & evolve. Our goal is to make both horse & human succeed.

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