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Horsing Around.

At our barn, horses can be horses. Our barn revolves around the horses’ needs first. We merely provide a safe & stress-free environment for them to thrive. Our herds can be social, move, eat, roam, play & behave the way horses were meant to. Most of our horses live in well-monitored groups. We know each horse’s behavior, routines & buddies & check the well-being of each of them by observing them throughout the day.

Our horses have access to hay 24/7, which helps their digestive system & allows for a natural routine with lots of eating time. We monitor their weight & consumption closely. In most cases though, the horses learn to regulate themselves & find a healthy weight. Training horses & other short-term guests will be kept in single runs with close contact to other horses. We do offer box stalls (enclosed or with run), individual or private group runs for boarders upon request.


TAMANGUR is located on 120 acres with access to bridle paths & open spaces. We are lucky to be able to provide 2 full-sized indoor arenas as well as a track, round pen & outdoor arena (in works). You can warm up in our lounge with coffee machine, microwave & fridge.


Everyone is looking to enjoy their time at the barn. Our barn community is very important to us & we are extremely fortunate to have amazing people who decided to call TAMANGUR their home for their horses & their equestrian needs. Because this is not a given for any barn, we are protective of this group & will therefore interview every new boarder for a good fit with our horse-care philosophy & barn community before accepting new clients.

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