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Miles & Miles.

Icelandic horses have incredible stamina & heart. Their curiosity & ability to navigate difficult terrain make them excellent trail horses. This combination is a great premise for long distance riding & endurance.

Here at TAMANGUR, we can coach you & your Icelandic on the way to successfully tackling rides of 10 miles & more. Our trainer Sami Browneller has thousands of miles & many endurance titles under her belt. She has years of experience in this discipline, participated in Survive Iceland & finished a 100-mile race with an Icelandic. So she is the ideal person to help you manage the physical conditioning, the mental preparation & provide you with all the tricks – both in regards to the discipline & the breed.


If you are already an endurance rider, but are contemplating the breed, Sami is the best resource to answer questions or help you select the right Icelandic for longer distances.

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